Podcasts are the new media kings.

Some have coined the term “Intellectual dark web” for a growing group of shows that espouse long form conversations. Conversations that don’t fit into a 30 minute TV show. I’m consciously excited and energized by some of these conversations. Some of them, I don’t care for, but there is enough out there now that I rarely run out of stuff to listen to during my commute, or workout.(maybe is should work out more)

Anyway here is a list of some of  the ones I like. Perhaps there are others you like I didn’t mention. Call them out in the comments so we can all check them out.

Tim Ferris Show

The Joe Rogan Experience

The Survival Podcast

Northern Myths Podcast

Radical Personal Finance

The Shrugged Collective

Myths and Legends Podcast

Your Mom’s House

Down the Rabbit Hole

Dan Carlin

War on the Rocks

The Dead Prussian Podcast



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