Bias Study: Anchoring

This is the first article in the Bias Study

The Anchoring bias is where the first thing you judge influence your judgement of all that follows.

“First Impressions Mater”-anon

This is the bias that most explains the phrase “First impressions mater” , or “you never forget your first”. Anchoring is what tends to happen, often unconsciously, when the first piece of information you take in colors the rest of the argument.

I would imagine that all of us can relate to this form of bias. I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past, and probably will continue to unconsciously have it influence my thinking in the future. How can we fight it then?

The research suggests, that there may not be a way to actively fight the Anchor bias. There is an argument for Mood, experience, personality, and  cognitive ability might have some effect on your susceptibility for anchoring bias.

This bias leads me down the path of needing a team for any kind of real analysis. If my initial data is different from yours, but by the end of our research we read all the same things, wouldn’t we then have different opinions?

And if the above hypothesis turns out to be true wouldn’t that be a reason to not publish any sort of analysis in a vacuum.


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