Bias Study: The Curse of Knowledge

This is the fourth post in the Bias Study

This is a good one. I defiantly encounter this one on a daily basis, and I probably use it more than I realize. When you are on the receiving end of this it’s supper annoying and typically frustrating to both parties.

The Curse of Knowledge is the bias that occurs when the speaker, assumes that the others have the same background and knowledge sufficient to understand.

I think you probably have seen this bias in effect at least once in your life, a teacher, a leader in of industry, a person on TV, used a phrase or a term that you didn’t understand without any sort of explanation.

So without any explanation I give you the Turbo Encabulator….

I think the most frustrating part of this bias is when the sender, the speaker lacks the empathy to understand when the receiver, doesn’t have the background necessary.

So my charge to you is to not be upset when someone asks you to explain something. We all have to learn some how. We all have to start somewhere. What better place than here, what better time than now.


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