Bias Study: Confirmation Bias

This is the fifth post in the Bias Study.

This is everyone’s favorite…

If  you found this blog, you probably know about the confirmation bias. But as to not fall into the Curse of Knowledge.

The Confirmation Bias is when you seek out “facts that confirm your preconceived idea of the truth. There is a dichotomy here, as sometimes you are right and the evidence backs you up. But don’t go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the streams your used to…

Or just do good research. that’s what this series is all about. Don’t go looking for the things that prove your point. Go looking for things that don’t, the right answers will show up along the way.

This video is a little of a departure from the previous ones, in that it gives some ideas on how to counter Confirmation Bias and not the definition.

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