Don’t Do It.

We are going to take a short brake from the Bias study to look at something slightly different.

I was thinking what’s the point of being able to deal with all these mental traps, if you can’t express yourself correctly. Why learn all of this stuff if your words are just going to be twisted and misrepresented? What can be done to combat that?

Thanks to the algorithm I found my self on the Charisma on Command YouTube video covering Dr. Jordan Peterson’s interview on BBC’s Channel 4.

If you haven’t seen the interview video  you really should.

I’m not advocating for this style of interview. In fact I think it’s the devil. But it happens and I would rather be prepared for it. Having a physiological toolbox to handle an argumentative conversation without loosing your temper is super important.

This particular video gives a short intro into what made Dr. Peterson successful in this situation. I called out the specific techniques in the list under the video.

“So what your’ saying is” trap

Assuming the sale

Smash technique

Don’t straw man the other side

Visual Imagery

Already agreeing with you.

So if you have any other tips or techniques to deal with a combative conversation I’d like to hear them.


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