Book Review: The Hard Thing about Hard Things

I recently finished the Audio book of “The Hard Thing about Hard Things” by Ben Horowitz.  This is an excellent book, however narrator in the version I listened to was not a good fit for most of the book.

There are a ton of hip-hop references and quotes in this book, and unfortunately the version of the book I read was narrated by someone with the voice of a 45 year old white guy. The kind of a voice you could see using words like “sport”, and “Frak” or “Fudge”. So while the message got through it was often with a bit of hilarity as the guy tried to sound gangsta…..

Anyway. You should read this book if:

You are in charge of people (or may be some day)

You want to be a decider. Someone who has to make the tough decisions.

You are an entrepreneur with employees.

You might also get something out of it if you are not a leader or executive. Because you might learn something about what is going on behind the scenes. What is driving a decision and the factors that may have gone into the deliberations.


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