I listened to a Ferris podcast recently called Getting out of your own way, where he interviewed Dave Elitch. During this interview he mentioned a man called Edward Bernays.

That name sounded familiar to me so I turned around and looked at my book shelf in between other books on information warfare, or “public relations” there was a small book called Propaganda.  Admittedly I had to read this book for school, but I think I glossed over who actually wrote it. So Bernays was related to someone called Sigmund Freud.  Perhaps you have heard of  him, if not ask your mother….

Anyway, that’s an interesting connection. Further more during the interview they mentioned a BBC series called The Century of the Self . This four part series talks about the relationship between advertising, propaganda, marketing, public relations and psychotherapy. Really if you think about it they are defiantly related.

Even if you aren’t an evil dictator, the umbrella corporation   the average person has done some manipulation of others at some point in their life. What child hasn’t tried all the tricks in their arsenal to persuade their parents to get a toy, or desert. We all do this as a normal human function, in our daily lives.

Just as in anything else analytic methods can be applied here. Studying how the mind works, and how people react to given stimuli can result in focused propaganda campaigns. If those powers are used for good or evil is up to you.



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