Is this real life?

In recent posts I talked about the growing significance of Information operations.

Or maybe I didn’t who really knows. But I’ve recently discovered a documentary called HYPERNORMALISATON by filmmaker Adam Curtis.  I can’t say that I’m in love with the actual footage used in the film and the music is overpowering, but it is worth checking out.  In fact I think if you really wanted to geek out and watched the Hypernormalization film along with the Century of Self series. Then if you were still interested in this subject I’d read the books Propaganda, the True Believer, Conectography, and this Unholy War.

If you finish those you’ll probably be on the path to discovering your own methods of separating noise from the signal. If you have any recommendations to books, films or other media on this subject please let me know in the comments.

The real so what in all of this is the growing speed in which all of this is happening. In several books about the Soviet times, you see a theme where the population realized the government was full of crap, yet they still listened. Some of this was arguably forced participation, but still it was a bazar time. Now with a similar phenomenon happening in the western world, what will the future hold?

I don’t know. Speculation and forecasting are for people allot smarter than I. But what I would suggest is that we start seeking the truth. That we question what is given us and don’t just take the 30 second sound bite, or headline for truth.

I think there is more to come on this subject.

Stay tuned.


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